Eurovision Odds 2021

Eurovision odds

Are you looking for Eurovision odds for 2021? Then you have come to the right place. We have analyzed the market for available odds in Europe in terms of Eurovision and, we have a result. The bookmakers that appear at the top offer the best odds for Eurovision 2021. If you use the links on our site to take advantage of a bonus, you will get the best odds along with an odds boost. We have personally tested all gambling companies and analyzed the market for reviews. These are the betting sites for Eurovision that have passed our tests & will be live.

Eurovision Odds 2021

Leo Vegas
€300 Bonus


It is essential to choose a safe betting site. But how do you know if a page is secure or not? You usually do not know this before you have tested it. At least if you are a novice. But there are, of course, tricks you can use.

For example, it may be useful to look through different forums along with the betting page. There you will usually find good and honest explanations concerning various experiences around the site.

Another good thing is not to invest too much money on a site that you have not previously played on. Also, it is always worthwhile to read through all the terms and conditions found on the site. This way, you get better control of what is expected of you.

One should also identify what the site has for gaming offerings along with payment methods. A betting site, which offers several events, such as Eurovision, is usually very safe. It merely means that the site is lucrative. Payment methods are another part of it since several payment methods are an indicator that the betting site has a good reputation.

Payment methods

Which payment methods should you choose? It merely depends on where you are. For example, in Sweden, it is very popular with Trustly. But this method is mainly associated with Scandinavia. But of course, other methods work well in Europe. Like Skrill or Neteller. These methods are usually speedy compared to others, and therefore they are popular.

Therefore, speed is essential when looking for a payment method for Eurovision odds. Because it allows people to get their money right away, this is something that I value very highly. When I’ve been playing for money, I want to get that money out as quickly as possible. Something that is not always possible at all betting sites. Especially not if you look at Eurovision odds.


Whether you play at Eurovision or football, you want good odds. This is important because, after all, it is the odds to decide whether you will leave the betting side as a winner or not. Although the odds do not differ significantly between different betting sites for Eurovision, however, in the longterm perspective, the odds will be essential.

Therefore, it is always valuable to look for the best odds, which is also why we created Eurovision odds. We compare all betting sites with odds for Eurovision. This means that all betting sites found with us are always moving. We update our lists based on the odds in proportion to the bonus. Which leads us to the next paragraph, why should you have a bonus?

Bonus for Eurovision

Taking a bonus when betting on sports or in this case – Eurovision; can be lucrative. Note that I write ‘can.’ Because that doesn’t have to mean it’s a good idea. Because a bonus usually comes with specific requirements. These are called wagering requirements.

Picture of Eurovision flag

Therefore, one should be careful not to agree on anything. You should therefore not look alone for which bonus is most exceptional. On the contrary! One should be very careful to look through various wagering requirements for bonuses.

Therefore, my advice is always to put this into perspective. Above all, to the bonus. This is important for Eurovision odds, like many who play at Eurovision only play once. But the wagering requirement can be 4 to 8x the bonus amount. Assume that you deposit € 100 and receive a 100% bonus. This means that you have received a 100% matched bonus for Eurovision. Which, just like your bet, is € 100.

There will now be some form of sales requirement. These are usually 4x or 6x. Let’s say you get a wagering requirement of 6x. Then you have to play for at least € 600 before you can make a withdrawal. It would help if you, therefore, considered whether it is worth taking a bonus.

Of course, it is worth it if you usually bet on odds, i.e. in other genres. But if you only bet on Eurovision once a year, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a lucrative bonus. On the contrary, I would argue.


Because there are several different rules for different countries, therefore, you should be sure that various gaming companies accept your country. We will present the countries that are recognized together with the odds bonus.

Picture of thumps up for Eurovision betting

For example, we look at countries such as Sweden, Greece, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom and Israel. Sweden and the United Kingdom have pretty unique rules, where the gaming company must have an exclusive license in their countries. Of which most countries in Europe do not require much. A license is usually sufficient in Malta, and you will probably be able to open an account.

Is it safe to bet on Eurovision?

If you bet on Eurovision through the pages that we recommend – you don’t have to worry about security. We only list pages with an honour and a good reputation.

Which betting site has the best odds?

It’s continually changing. Therefore, you should look at our list. We update the list every day to be able to give you the best odds.

Can I get a betting bonus for Eurovision?

Yes, most of the betting sites offers a bonus for Eurovision betting.

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